Can I build an empire with this new hire?

This is a question every business owner or manager needs to ask when they are looking to make a new hire. Every new person that you take on needs to add to the DNA of the company. Ask the following questions of the top candidate before you offer them the job –
1. What does the new hire have that sets them apart from the existing team? An extra skill or more experience or more willingness?
2. What is the candidate’s X factor? Is there an outstanding strength that fits in with what is missing in your company?
3. Make sure the candidate does not remind you of you. Be careful of liking the candidate who is most like you. Every company needs diversity and different skill sets. You don’t necessarily need mini me’s in your company.
4. Does the candidate have a history of achievement? Has the candidate grown their previous roles? Has the candidate won awards, been a leader or done anything outstanding? Remember that excellence in one area equals excellence in other areas.
5. Has the candidate job-hopped or been dismissed or repeatedly retrenched? Past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.
6. Is the candidate a nice person? Do they smile? Are they helpful? Are they a people’s person? Do they display energy and positive body language? It really helps to hire people who are likeable and friendly and have a great attitude.
There is an old saying that people are your company’s greatest asset but I disagree. The RIGHT people are your company’s greatest asset. An employer will know they have got their recruitment right when they can answer the following question with 100% – “If we were to start our business over again, how many of our existing staff would we take with us?”

Written By: Cindy Norcott