How recruitment agencies work

As a job seeker, often one does not know how the process works in Human Resource Departments or in Recruitment Agencies. Even though each agency is different the below points explain how the recruitment process works in majority of the Agencies.

  • A job seeker, candidate, applies to the agency by submitting the CV via email or online.
  • The recruiter reviews the CV and then contacts you with a regret response or an interview request. (The regret could be because you do not match the vacancy to which you applied or it could be that you are not a typical type of candidate that the agency has placed within the last year or so. The interview request could be a response to meet with you for a specific vacancy or to proactively interview you as a registration process so that they can contact you with any future suitable vacancies.)
  • If you receive a regret, it is highly unlikely that applying again within 6 months that you will get a difference response.
  • At the interview your CV will be looked at and discussed, you will be skills based tested and you will sometimes be checked in terms of criminal, credit or qualification.
  • Post the interview, you are a registered candidate of the Agency and they will contact you to tell you about any suitable vacancies that they are working on. (Suitable in terms of your geographic requirements, education and most often salary expectations).
  • The recruiter who interviews you is the one who needs your constant updates with regard to your completed qualification since the interview or now that you have been retrenched you would like to look at temporary work as well. Etc.
  • Once you have given permission to the recruiter to submit your CV for a vacancy, you wait until the recruiter gets back to you with feedback. This is often frustrating for both parties as some clients take time to give feedback.
  • Feedback is received and the client, potential employer with the vacancy, either requests to meet with you or to regret your CV.
  • Post the interview with the client, all feedback must be discussed between client, candidate and recruiter. You must remember that the recruiter was the one who introduced you so they should always be in the loop of what is happening going forward.
  • After one or two interviews, possible psychometric tests etc, the client will either regret your application or they will hire you. This information, again, goes through the recruiter who will assist in any negotiations needed.
  • ONCE YOU ARE PLACED AT THE CLIENT: the agency can no longer assist you unless you resign or are retrenched. It is unethical to place you and then take you out of that position.
  • Our service to the candidate is FREE.
  • If you have been for an interview at an agency and you have never hear from them, it is because you do not match any of the vacancies that they are currently working on. Often this could go on for months… Recruiters get vacancies/specifications from clients and aim to match the candidates as closely as possible. All recruiters want to make placements so they WILL contact you if you are a match.

It is always good to register with two or three agencies, apply directly yourself through your contacts and networks and register on all the various online portals. These avenues working together will speed up the job seeking process.

By : Danielle How – Recruitment Manager