Is it time to change? – some time management tips!

I am preparing for an upcoming seminar on time management and I thought I would share a few thoughts on the subject. I read a quote that said ‘Most people get ahead in the time that others waste”. I think this is so true. I recently presented on time management to a team of people at a corporate company and most of the delegates said that their procrastination is their biggest time waster. When we dug a bit deeper, the reasons varied. One lady said that she has just developed a bad habit of putting everything off, including making decisions. As a result, she is always stressed and on the back foot, which creates its own self-perpetuating cycle. One gentleman in the group said that he believed that his lack of self-belief caused him to question his every move and he was always looking for validation from others. Only once he had received mass approval, did he feel ready to take action.

If you want to master time, you need to master your self-confidence and control your fears. The most successful people in the world are very decisive and they don’t necessarily make better decisions but they make more decisions. If you are sitting on the fence, take action today. Every day, do two or three things that you have been putting off. So often, we put off the unpalatable tasks. Once we have done them, we realize they were not really that big at all. I believe that our minds magnify the undone tasks into big monsters. Slay a monster today.

By Cindy Norcott