Mahala Market 2018

Yesterday (28th March 2018), I went to Shongweni with our Robin hood team to distribute more than 8 tons of clothing, shoes, linen and toiletries to more than 250 of the oldest and poorest gogo’s and mkhulu’s. It was a humbling experience in so many respects. When we arrived at 8am we were greeted by many old folk who had arrived more than 3 hours early. They waited patiently in the scorching heat and were incredibly grateful for the music, tea, cakes, entertainment and most importantly for the chance to shop for mahala! It was a heart-warming experience and one I will remember for ages. The main driving force for starting the Robin Hood Foundation was my concern for the massive disparity between the wealthy few and the impoverished masses. Yesterday, by being a conduit for unwanted and un-needed material items, we were able to bless 250 poor people, for whom life is incredibly difficult. I know it will be a day they will never forget as they very seldom get anything for nothing or experience unmerited favour. For me, it is a day I will remember for a long time as it left me counting my many blessings with a fresh perspective and a grateful heart. I encourage friends to donate unwanted items as we will be hosting this project in different communities every few months and in a small way trying to make a small dent in the inequality while creating a once in a lifetime experience for the poorest senior citizens of our country.

By: Cindy Norcott, Owner of Pro Talent and Pro Appointments, and Chairlady of the Robin Hood Foundation.