Candidate Code TT001
Position IT Engineer
Gender Male
Race Indian
Salary R16 000
Residential Area Musgrave
This  is a well-spoken individual that has a passion for the IT industry. He has been with his current company since 2009. He is patient and explains well to the end user. He’s loyal and the go to guy of his current company. He has his BSC in IT and would be well suited to an internal IT Infrastructure role.


Candidate Code TT002
Position Junior Developer
Gender Male
Race African
Salary R8000
Residential Area Kloof
This candidate blew us away! Such a great attitude and so much potential. He has worked with so many technologies and is so passionate about development. He is skilled in front and backend development and when I asked him for 3 words that he would use to describe himself, he said “Passionate JavaScript developer”. His technologies include JavaScript, C#, Angular 2+, Ionic 2+, UI/UX, NodeJS, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress and MySQL


Candidate Code TT003
Position Head of Strategy
Gender Male
Race White
Salary R90 000
Residential Area Durban North
This candidate is an accomplished, diversified executive-level professional, offering 24 years’ experience across a range of operational, sales, senior management & leadership functions in the Information Technology Arena. The ideal environment for him will be a dynamic environment with strong leadership and clear direction that includes formal planning and defined structures, supported by a culture of active decision making.One of his many strengths is when working as a channel to align technology and business engagements. He is passionate about business strategies.