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Why Clifton StrengthsFinder?

Research shows that your greatest area that has room for improvement isn’t where you’re weakest, but rather where you are naturally strong.  So, discovering your Strengths starts with identifying your Signature Themes / Talents.

Talent x Investment = Strength

To turn your talents into strengths, you must invest in them — practice using them and add knowledge and skills to them.

The formula Talent x Investment = Strength is at the core of strengths-based development.

“A strengths-based approach to management is the single best means of improving the employee-manager relationship that Gallup® has observed over the years of working with organizations to improve employee engagement.”

I – Karen Armstrong, a qualified Strengths coach – guide professionals and entrepreneurs discover and build on their strengths for them to experience further fulfilment in their careers.

My 2 main areas of focus are:

  1. Individual coaching:
  • Discover your blueprint
  • Limiting belief systems/glass ceilings
  • Identify and grow your talents and strengths so that you can better use these in your professional life.


  1. “StrengthsFinder” individual and team-building workshops:
  • Build awareness and understanding of your strengths and those of your colleagues, so teams can collaborate more effectively and enhance their performance.
  • Create a strengths-based mission statement for you and your team.

I look forward to unlocking you and your team’s potential.

Karen Armstrong


StrengthFinder Talents: Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic, Individualization, Connectedness.