PRO-TALENT Established in 1994, Pro Talent has stood the test of time and places permanent staff for companies situated throughout South Africa and internationally, too. WE
FIND STAFF We all know that a company’s best asset is its staff, but it is often not clear why finding the right staff should be left in the hands of an experienced recruitment agency. LET'S

Pro Talent … a  for people

Pro Talent is a specialist recruitment agency based in Westville. Pro Talent is the sister company of the multi-award winning recruitment agency, Pro Appointments, that has been in existence for the past 27 years. While Pro Appointments focuses on temporary and contract staff, labour broking and payroll administration, Pro Talent focuses on offering a specialist recruitment service to assist companies to source scarce skills and talent in the fields of IT, finance, accounting, engineering and production and sales and marketing and management.  Each recruiter works in a specialist area, with excellent skills and in-depth knowledge. This enables us to offer our clients specialist understanding, a fast and responsive service and a large database of candidates that are thoroughly screened.

Pro Talent has a reputation built on solid relationships and an understanding of our clients’ staffing needs. Pro Talent’s head office is in Westville, KZN but we also focus on national placements in Gauteng and Cape Town and we have many clients in The UK, Australia and New Zealand. We also place a large number of staff throughout Africa. We also recruit for many multi-national companies around the world. Read more…

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Our committed and motivated team of recruiters are professional, fast and responsive.

With more than 27 years history of staffing excellence, Pro Talent offers the assurance of customer care, efficient service and professional standards.

Office Support & Administration

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Accounts & Financial Management

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Advertising, Sales & Marketing

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Engineering / Technical

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.


We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Logistics & Supply Chain

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.


We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.


We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Manufacturing and Engineering

We supply permanent staffing solutions for this sector.

Our Team

With more than 27 years history of staffing excellence!


  • Allison
    The staff and structures at Pro Talent provide prospective employers with the peace of mind that the best-suited candidate will be placed in the relevant vacancy. Nicky’s friendly and professional approach coupled with her follow through made her an absolute pleasure to work with.
    PR & Events Specialist
  • Insurance company DBN
    Nicky gives us good candidates, most of our staff are hired through her.
    Insurance company DBN
  • Property Company, DBN
    Nicky has placed 6 staff with us on very short notice this year.
    Property Company, DBN
  • Serika
    Thank you Nicky. The interviews went well and I am so optimistic and confident about our working relationship going forward as I really feel that you understand the company from the calibre of candidates you have sent through.
  • Hope
    I would like to thank you for the time you took yesterday to see me. Im really looking forward to a better opportunity, being in your offices yesterday the atmosphere, the staff, everything it was awesome, I really felt at home.
  • Vuyani
    I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the gift and visit. I was really moved. You guys (Pro Talent) have been absolutely amazing to me and I will always be thankful to you and the rest of the team.
  • Rose
    I am so sure that I already thanked you for getting me here but I thought I should re-iterate. I am so very happy and absolutely love it here. So thank you again for placing me. I just saw your name in passing and the new ladies you are sending for interviews and a wave of gratitude washed over me, I had to share the moment.
  • Seelan
    Thank you for your time today. It was such a pleasure chatting with someone as nice as yourself and for understanding the challenges we face in finding employment in this tough economic times. Much appreciated.
  • Nicole
    Hi Nicky. Thanks so much for sending this through, it looks great. I really appreciate everyone's assistance at the office, the vibe/working environment is amazing and the entire team is absolutely wonderful.
  • Tamryn

    Thank you for everything you and your company have provided me with throughout my time seeking employment. I wish you and your team all the best for 2017 with many successful placements. Keep well.

  • Rita
    Hi Cindy. The Career Kickstart course held yesterday refers. Firstly, I would like to thank you, Storm and Nicky for taking the time out of your busy schedules to run this course. It was very informative and well run. I definitely picked up a few points that I can use in the future.
    Attendee of Career Kickstart Seminar
  • Morris
    Good Day Miss Norcott. I would like to show my gratitude for the time you and your staff have given us at the seminar today. Thank you very much for going extra mile in assisting us in our search for jobs.
    Attendee of Career Kickstart Seminar
  • Shanon
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank the team at Pro Appointments for assisting me with looking for a job. I was retrenched last year and I have had no luck as yet with a job, and even though it is very disheartening, the team at Pro Appointments have been assisting me with all help possible. Particularly Nicky, Desh, Terry and Chrissy. Nicky has helped me from the start and when you feel like you have failed, there is no better call than one from Pro Appointments to say there is a possibility... I pray daily for that job and I always feel like Pro Appointments have my back which is why I am emailing you. I have been to numerous recruiters and my faith has always stayed with Pro Appointments and their team, always doing their best to help me. I really look forward to getting a job soon, but I honestly wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and your team. There's no amount of gratitude to express how grateful I am for their help and support.
  • Vanessa

    Nicky, Just want to say thank you so much for your help and hard work with helping me find this job. You rock... So very very happy right now... Cindy - thank you that you guys always help me find employment... You guys are truly the best agency.

  • John
    Hi Bronwyn. Thank you for making time to meet with me and I am glad that I met you in person as it gave me and restored confidence to bring back the best in me. To be honest, I am not experiencing the best and am at my all-time lowest, but walking out of the Pro-Appointment offices, I have actually walked tall and felt that I can still achieve and be more. I will forever owe my come-back to meeting with you. I really appreciate. Once more, thank you so much!!!
  • Vanie
    It always is a pleasure working with Cindy and her team.
    (Client – Hygiene Sector)
  • Hans
    Our experience with Pro Talent goes back to approximately 1 year…… we found the assistance and service from both Ronel and Cindy to be of a very high calibre and professional of nature.
    (Client – Engineering Sector)
  • Michael
    Dear Chrissy. I would like to thank all of you at Pro Appointments for such an awesome work ethic. You guys are really on the ball.
  • Jonathan
    Hey Nicky! I hope you are well. Start my new job yesterday and everything went really well everyone was so friendly and willing to assist. Thank you so much for all your assistance you’re a star!
  • Cameron
    Thank you very much for all you have done . I really appreciate the excellent service and guidance to my first official permanent job.
    Candidate placed in January 2019 by Terence
  • Carmae
    Hey Nicky. Thank you so much for assisting me with finding a job! I've started to find my feet in my new position and I'm absolutely loving the company that you've helped place me in! Getting back in to the job market was so difficult until i signed up with Pro Appointments. Thank you for keeping me constantly updated with the progress of my interviews and for the moral support throughout the process.
    Placed Candidate
  • Maria D
    Good day Chrissy, I am so glad you believed in me and got me this job. How wonderful that out of all the recruitment agencies, Pro Talent came out on tops for me again. Twelve years ago, your agency found me a job that I loved. I am so grateful to you for your support and for believing in me and changing my life.
    Maria D
  • A client in the Manufacturing sector
    Very professional Company with very professional and friendly staff. Always try and meet our requirements.
    A client in the Manufacturing sector
  • Precious Zwane
    You guys are doing an amazing job at Protalent, I wish you all the best in everything you do, with your candidates as well as your clients, may you continue to grow and help changing people's lives. I've had an amazing experience from the first day I started leasing with yourself and your wonderful receptionist who made me feel so Welcome. You're all doing such a phenomenal job.
    Precious Zwane
  • John M.
    I want to send some gratitude and accolades to Pro Talent. Terence placed me and I have nothing but great things to say about him, especially his level of professionalism, efficiency and service.
    John M.
  • Business Partners
    We are always serviced especially if our Receptionist is sick on the day, Chrissy/Desh/Judy are always so efficient.
    Business Partners
  • Bruce
    I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Nicky. She has understood our environment and culture perfectly and is sending through appropriate and quality candidates. She is incredibly professional and I appreciate the proactive way she manages our account. Thank you for allocating our account to her.
    Client in the frozen food trading industry
  • Abedah
    Hey Nicky. My warmest, deepest THANKS and admiration to you for placing Shaz at EduSport! I think this was a love affair waiting to happen. Thank you for being so proactive and genuinely matching both the Employer and Employee so perfectly!.
    Happy mother of a candidate
  • Caroline
    Dineshree, I really appreciate the effort that you put into this, the followups, updates and most importantly, the fact that you thought of me for this opportunity. It really meant a lot.
  • John
    Thank you for making time to meet with me and I am glad that I met you in person as it gave me and restored confidence to bring back the best in me. To be honest, I am not experiencing the best and am at my all-time lowest, but walking out of the Pro-Appointment offices, I have actually walked tall and felt that I can still achieve and be more. I will forever owe my come-back to meeting with you. I really appreciate. Once more, thank you so much!!!
  • NBI
    Desh Govender - she is pro-active, resourceful and an absolute delight to work with to ultimately drive our company's recruitment needs.
  • Vicky de Jager
    Thank you Nicky - We very happy - thank you so much for going the extra mile.
    Vicky de Jager
  • PWM
    Nicky Henderson. Extremely happy with her understanding of our business in a short time frame - equally happy with the candidate that she has found for us!
  • Donnae
    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for all your effort with trying to find a suitable position for me. You have gone above and beyond to assist me even to refer me to your colleagues. I really am truly grateful to you for all your effort. I actually have never met anyone like you. You truly are a fantastic consultant and an asset to your current employee. As I have found myself in unfamiliar territory you have been there to guide me. Once again thank you.
    Candidate- Email sent to Nelita
  • Tracey
    Cindy and Terence. Thank you for taking the time to assist me with my job search, yours was the only agency who liaised with me and kept me in the loop with regards to positions. I appreciate your professionalism and personal approach.
  • Rebecca
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work in the back and forth, and being so friendly and enthusiastic with each phone call. I am so impressed by Pro Talent and have already recommended you to a few friends looking for work. I had signed up with a few recruitment companies but none of them gave half as many job options as your company, and in such a short space of time too! Definitely the best recruitment company in Durban in my humble opinion. Thank you so much!  
  • Keli
    Thank you very much for setting up the interview Terence. I really appreciate how good you are at your job. It has definitely the best experience I've had with anyone in my experience job hunting so far. So I'm very impressed!
  • Giselle
    Hi Nicky. Thank you for being so diligent in trying to find us a suitable candidate.
    Human Resources Manager
  • Gugu
    Pro Talent agents are a team that cares not just for the companies in need of staff, but job seekers as well. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Pro Talent's family.
  • Email about Nicky by Byron
    The service that I got from one of your staff members was absolutely unbelievable. Finding a job is not easy and can become really soul killing and daunting BUT your extremely helpful, professional, always on point and just a wonderful soulful staff member made me feel very comfortable and that everything will be ok. She is an asset to your company.
    Email about Nicky by Byron
  • Banking client in DBN
    Adrian has done his best for us and we are happy with his service.
    Banking client in DBN
  • Technical company JHB
    Nicole is the only recruiter that we want to work with and we have no complaints about her. 
    Technical company JHB
  • Engineering company DBN
    Rose is a 10/10 recruiter. She understands our needs.
    Engineering company DBN
  • Logistics company DBN
    Desh treats us well and is a very pleasant recruiter.
    Logistics company DBN
  • Automotive client in Durban
    I would give Nicole 10/10, she is a great recruiter. 
    Automotive client in Durban
  • Packaging company in Durban
    Rose is 100%, she has been great and sends good CVs to us. 
    Packaging company in Durban
  • IT company DBN
    I would rate Adrian 10/10, we have never had any problems with him and we are happy with everything. 
    IT company DBN
    Desh is very quick with sending us CVs, she is 10/10.